Custom-Tailored Investment Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Texas has become a haven for real estate investors. With its abundance of natural resources, a strong job market, and leading colleges & universities, clients are looking for properties as a viable way to grow wealth.

At HD Realty, we’ll help come up with a plan that makes sense for you.

How We Help Investors

Purchasing a property is a significant investment. And, as with all investments, comes risk. One bad purchase could prove costly, especially when it comes to real estate.

The HD Realty team has over 30 years of industry experience, offering investors with proven strategies guaranteed to protect and grow their investments. We have experience completing projects ranging from $20K to multi-million dollars, providing the best investment advice based on the local market happenings.

All our investment decisions are based on a comprehensive analysis of your situation and the real estate market. We’ll build a plan that makes sense for your unique situation, helping you see solid returns and build long-term wealth.

Aerial drone view above homes and houses - Georgetown , Texas , USA

Services We Offer​

Aerial drone view above homes and houses - Georgetown , Texas , USA

Services We Offer

Investment Properties We Have Experience With

We have experience dealing with a wide range of residential and commercial investment properties:
Farm & Ranch

Our Process

1. Initial Discovery

We will kick things off with an initial discussion on your investment goals. Here we gain a better understanding of your financial situation, investment horizon, and other objectives you might have.

2. Custom-Tailored Plan

Based on your goals, we’ll come up with a fully customized investment strategy. We’ll recommend a property that is most suitable for your situation and discuss ways for you to grow your investment. Whether it’s a single-family home, a large apartment complex, or even a strip mall development, we’ll ensure the property type matches your investment objectives.

3. Property Search

Once we’ve come up with a plan, we’ll start searching for your investment property. Leveraging our extensive network, we’ll do the hard work of scouring the market for a suitable property. Factors like price, location, property condition, and more, will all be taken into consideration.

4. Vetting the Property

When we’ve found the right property, our team will start the vetting process. We’ll look at various legal, zoning, and permitting issues to ensure work can be done on your property. A financial analysis will also be completed to ensure this investment makes financial sense.

5. Purchasing the Property

Our team will guide you through the entire transactional process of acquiring the property. From the financing to the paperwork to the final walkthrough, we’ll make this process as smooth and efficient as possible.

6. Updates

Once purchased, we’ll start fixing up the property (if necessary). HD Realty will provide you guidance with what requires updating and what doesn’t based on your budget. With our in-house construction company we can help you save on costs while maintaining a quality build.

7. Property Management

The final step is to find quality tenants for your newly developed property. We’ll help you with screening, tenant verifications, and property management to ensure your investment is protected.

We understand the needs of every investor are unique. That’s why we tailor each step of our process based on your investment objectives.

Find out what the best investment strategy is for you